Sam Dress has a solid background in the music, television and film arena. After several years of television production freelancing in New York, he went on staff at NBC for some fifteen years and was involved in shows from the Tonight Show, to "soaps," to the Today Show to various news "specials" such as Nixon's resignation, the Pope's visit to New York and many other programs. After winning 2 Emmys for directing, Sam rode a motorcycle cross country to California and began a career in film making.

Sam Dress

Working several episodic programs and a couple of mini-series along
with a long stint with a post-production film company, Sam gained the
experience needed in order for him to produce and direct his own films.
His company, Friday Entertainment, is a complete studio facility offering pre-production (planning and budget), production (shooting), post-production (editing) and video/audio recording. All that plus the ability to provide musical score to a project makes this facility exciting.

The current film, Hollywood Confidential, is in post-production and should be released soon.